Re: Not indexing Gaim, Websites and Thunderbird


On Sun, 2006-12-10 at 00:45 -0500, Rajiv Vyas wrote:
> I just installed Beagle on Ubuntu Edgy Etch. It's indexing Evolution
> mail and documents very well, but not Gaim conversation, Web sites I
> visit, Thunderbird, or even contact info in Evolution. How do I make
> Beagle search for these files/data.

I'm not an Ubuntu user, so hopefully someone else can clarify.  For
Thunderbird and web sites, you may be missing additional packages.
Search for other beagle packages.  On SUSE, for instance, we ship the
thunderbird backend separately in a beagle-thunderbird package, and the
Firefox extension in a beagle-firefox package.  Also depending on how
your distro works, you may need to add the Firefox extension by hand.

Support for Gaim should be built in, however.  One thing you can try is
search your ~/.beagle/Log files for "gaim" and see if there is any
information available in there.  You could try running the beagle
service with only the gaim backend: "beagle --fg --debug --allow-backend
gaimlog --replace" and seeing if there are any errors in there.


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