Re: listener for beagle requests setup error


On Mon, 2006-08-28 at 18:44 +0200, Haim Roitgrund wrote:
> When running beagle-index-info, it lists 'documentation' and
> 'applications' as 'Indexing: False', yet it has a 'count' of several
> hundred for each. I don't know  why it has a count although no
> indexing is apparently done. 

Those are system-wide indexes created using beagle-crawl-system and
beagle-build-index.  They are usually run as a dedicated user from cron
and placed in /var/cache/beagle/indexes.  Most likely for you these are

The message "Indexing: False" just indicates whether the daemon is
indexing those items at that point in time.  It doesn't mean that those
backends are disabled.  And since those indexes aren't created by the
daemon, it will only ever say "Indexing: False".

> The beagled --replace command successfully changed the demon (as shown
> by 'ps'), but did not prevent the above message from being spat out
> again, verbtim.

It sounds like a bug in the daemon not being shut down.  You could try
running "beagle-shutdown" to ensure that the daemon is shut down before
starting a new one.

> I don't understand why Beagle tries to start a demon when one is
> running. I don't know why 'debugging' starts, suggesting that sth is
> wrong.

Debugging is always on.  We are still debugging the code, after all.

> Finally, am I in the right place to ask these questions, or is it a
> developer list?

This list is fine.


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