Re: Beagle-search with multiple keywords


Thanks for your response.

To clarify my question, here is an example:

If I type "beagle-query keywordA keywordB" I only get results where
the phrase "keywordA keywordB" is exactly found in the document.
However, I want the keywords to be and-connected like e.g. google handles it.
If the document contains the following text:
"There is a man standing on the street. He wears a hat."
I want to be able to find the document with "beagle-query street hat", which
currently does not work.

Kind regards

Steffen Sobiech

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Betreff: Re: Beagle-search with multiple keywords


Sobiech, Steffen wrote:
> is there a way to do a beagle-search for multiple keywords using the 
> CLI-based beagle-query?

I'm not sure I totally understand you, but you can just pass them in on the command-line to beagle-query.

Is there something you are seeing which leads you to believe this isn't the case?


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