Re: Patch: support for embedded lyrics in Mp3 files


On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 11:25 +0100, Tom Lofts wrote:
> I thought it would be cool you were able to type a line of a song into 
> beagle and have it find the song for you.


I can't really speak much to the code in the tag reader stuff.  It looks
okay at a glance to me, but I'm not familiar with the entagged-sharp
code.  Maybe Daniel can take a look at this?

For the Beagle code, you are doing a foreach over the tags.  A few

        * Can tag.Tag.Get() ever return something which isn't an
        IEnumerable?  For example, can it ever return null?  If so, this
        will throw an exception when that happens and you'll need to
        check for it.
        * How are the lyrics stored in the LYR field?  Line by line?
        All of the lyrics in one element?  We don't want to do one field
        per line.  It may also make sense to make this the content of
        the file, rather than putting it in a property.
        * You may want to use Beagle.Property.NewUnstored() to save disk
        space in the index if you don't expect to pull the lyrics
        themselves from the index.  (Seems like it would make more sense
        to pull them from the file itself.)

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