Re: Beagle Handler of Deskbar-applet uses too many memory


On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 14:19 +0900, Hyunsik Choi wrote:
> I'm using beagle 0.2.5 cvs version from Gentoo. I usually use beagle
> through 'Beagle live' handler in deskbar-applet. Unlike mailling
> discussion in these days, I still have memory usage problem. For
> example, although I have 2G memory, beagle often uses 1.5G or more. In
> an attempt to investigate memory usage problem unlike mailing
> discussion, I tried to test beagle in many way. Finally, I found that
> beagle memory usage problem occur only when using beagle via 'Beagle
> live' handler in deskbar-applet. Is it a known problem?

Please see this mail I just sent:
Note that Beagle 0.2.5 does *not* require Mono


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