Re: Some 0.1.0 questions

> Spotlight just uses a table/tree.  This is pretty different, because
> each category can display things differently.  In this mockup, for
> example, mails are rows, but images are little boxes.
> Apple did not invent dividing things into groups with headers ;-)
> One nice thing about this mockup is that the match actions are in the
> sidebar on the left; you select the match and then click on the action
> you want to perform (set as background, open in gimp, etc).  This gives
> us more room to show matches than the current search prototype (best).

Actually what I meant was that spotlight also does something like this
and its very useful. But now that you've pointed out, I can see the
difference. This is much better than spotlight and reaffirms my faith in
open source technologies. You guys are doing a great job. Nat: You btw
have a great blog. I liked reading about your cycling exploits :)

All the best.


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