Re: Some 0.1.0 questions

On Sun, 2005-09-18 at 12:25 +0200, Andreas Wasserman wrote:
> Q: There is a feature request in bugzilla about Categories, any thoughts
> on this? For me it would be a godsend, now when Best shows results by
> date I usually get e-mails first and often end up having to scroll
> multiple pages to get to what I want, so if I find 110 E-Mails, 2 Video
> Files and 1 Audio file, having categories would even things out and show
> my hit on the very first page.

There have been a few different UI ideas, here's one.

Best is just a prototype UI and will need to be replaced.  Jon and Joe
and Fredrik have been very busy with the core Beagle engine so far and
haven't had time to work on building a new UI themselves yet.  You're
welcome to help :-).


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