File query problems in CVS

Hello, I am trying out beagle on my system, and it works more or less
now, except for file handling (which includes all my mail, stored in
sylpheed maildirs).

what happens:
- first run of beagled, files get indexed, no problem
- after some time, best get stuck at the "Rendering" phase after
displaying the number of hits found, and the web form gives a HTTP 500
error with mono "System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException: Tcp
transport error" after hitting the find button

The only relevant lines are in IndexHelper log:
05-09-15 15195 IndexH DEBUG: No activity for 30,0 minutes,
shutting down 05-09-15 15195 IndexH DEBUG: CancelIfBlocking
Beagle.Daemon.ConnectionHandler 05-09-15 15195 IndexH
DEBUG: (1) Waiting for 2 workers... 05-09-15 15195 IndexH
DEBUG: waiting for HandleConnection (74) 05-09-15 15195
IndexH DEBUG: waiting for server '/home/bernard/.beagle/socket-helper'
05-09-15 15195 IndexH DEBUG: Server
'/home/bernard/.beagle/socket-helper' shut down 05-09-15
15195 IndexH DEBUG: (2) Waiting for 1 worker... 05-09-15
15195 IndexH DEBUG: waiting for HandleConnection (74)

- beagle-shutdown does nothing to kill the 2 mono processes for the
daemon and indexhelper (and the 5 or 6 defunct ones), I have to go with
a few "killall mono"
- restarting beagled looks like it goes fine (and it starts crawling
the directories again)
- new queries give out System.NullReferenceException as in:
- after some times, a few files begin to reappear in best results (the
web form still bails out with tcp transport errors), BUT only some
files reappear! For example, after beagled has re-indexed my
"~/.mail/inbox", some mails will get listed, some others not
- some queries still return NullReferenceException in the daemon logs

Any clues?

I'm on a gentoo amd64 box, mono-, beagle CVS and other
components from the gentopia overlay

ps: the beagled logs contain a lot of warnings about zsh "~/.history*"
temporary files that get created and deleted after every command.
Shouldn't the daemon simply ignore them (as dotted files), instead of
trying to do things with them?

Voyageur, from France

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