Frontend for beagle-index-info

   I have spent the past few days working on a front end for
beagle-index-info.  I thought it would be nice to have.  It's not
done, nor are all the components in the screenshots.  However, I
wanted to announce that I was working on it.

* I don't have all the components hooking into the UI yet.  The
screenshot only shows 5.  I'll finish those up tonight.
* The code is not clean at all.  It uses 1 class and 3 methods.  The
HTML code is nasty, please don't try to parse it visually.  It's
doable, but may hurt.
* The UI doesn't respect the local system's font and icon preferences.
 This is because that despite the fact that it looks like it's using
the Tile classes in Beagle, it isn't.  I'm writing straight to a
Gecko.WebControl object.
* It's not very tested.  I've been trying to get it working.  It may
crash, it may not work for your system.  No promises.

Attached is a screenshot.  The URL to download the source code is at


Kevin Breit

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