Re: Beagle Build Error, CVS Sept, 8 2005

A recent CVS update resolved this issue, there are still run time
errors and exceptions being thrown from the evolution bindings, but
this is most likely an issue on my part, as I have had issues with the
mono bindings for eds since the start, and had to make a few dirty
patches to get it to compile.

Kevin Kubasik
On 9/7/05, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:
> I'm running debian unstable with gmime 2.16, evolution-sharp 9.1 and
> the SVN of gsf-sharp, when I run only ./, the following
> error occurs.
>        Target OS:              linux
>        Extended Attributes:    libc
>        Prefix:                 /usr/local
>        GNOME Prefix:           /usr
>        KDE Prefix:             /usr
>        Evolution-Sharp?        yes
>        gsf-sharp?              yes
>        Epiphany Extension?     no (Epiphany not installed)
>        Mozilla Extension?      yes
>        wv1?                    yes
>        galago-sharp?           yes
>        libchm?                 no
>        Local SqliteClient?     yes
>        Sqlite version:         2.x
>        Enable WebServices      no
>        Enable libbeagle        yes
> Now type `make' to compile beagle
> kevin igloo:~/src/beagle$ make
>  cd . && /bin/sh /home/kevin/src/beagle/missing --run automake-1.9 --gnu
> automake-1.9: cannot open <
> Filters/entagged-sharp/entagged-sharp.sources: No such file or
> directory
> make: *** [] Error 1
> After running configure, I get the same config output, but make starts
> the compilation until it reaches this point.
-----Tranduced for Reply----------- 
> It seems likely that this is the result of the configure script not
> including the proper assemblies, but my experiance with mono and mcs
> is so limited that I can't really be sure of anything.
> If this is my error, I would appreciate someone who might be able to
> offer a solution, I have tried various --disable* flags, with no
> success. Perhaps this is an issue with the code in the CVS to some
> degree, then I would be more than willing to share more about my
> configuration.
> --
> Kevin Kubasik
> 240-838-6616

Kevin Kubasik

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