Updated Firefox Extension

Hey gang,

One of the biggest complaints about the Firefox extension as it stands
now is that it invokes beagle-index-url for every frame that is loaded.
This slows down page loads especially on pages with a bunch of frames
(like cnn.com) and can cause a lot of orphaned processes appearing to
take up a lot of resources if they don't exit correctly.

I've just added a new mode to the indexing service which allows
applications to drop files into ~/.beagle/ToIndex, and beagled will
automatically pick them up and index them.  I've also ported the firefox
extension over to using this, so that means that there's essentially no
overhead to the Beagle extension anymore.

It would be great if people can try it out and file bugs if you come
across any.  It's worth noting that it only works with inotify enabled.


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