Re: problems with indexing

Hi Joe!

On Mon, 17 Okt 2005, Joe Shaw wrote:
> > DEBUG: Caught ResponseMessageException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
> > ERROR: Exception limit exceeded trying to activate a helper.  Giving up on indexing!
> > ERROR: Something terrible happened --- Flush failed
> See the message I just wrote:
> If you can also try this, that would help a lot.

Sorry, I cannot. But yesterday I found a different way: I deleted my
complete .beagle directory and restarted everything. Then it worked.
So it seems that it is related to old config files.

> Also, what version of Mono are you using?  These errors seem to have
> started pretty suddenly, I wonder if it's not a bug in Mono.

Hmm, the one in debian/sid ... wait ...

Best wishes


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