Re: Best won't open Tomboy Notes or EMail

On Sun, 2005-10-16 at 15:48 -0700, Alex Graveley wrote:
> Is Tomboy running already?  You probably need an instance running in 

Yeah, Tomboy is already running. I was thinking it might be a dbus
issue, but I didn't know if Best uses dbus to open an email message in
Evolution or not (and haven't taken the time to look at the code).

I'm not sure why I didn't think about this before, but I ran best from
the command line and saw this error when I try to open a Tomboy note:

Open URI: action:_tile_99!Open

Unhandled Exception: DBus.DBusException: Unable to determine the address
of the message bus
in [0x0003e]
(at /var/tmp/portage/dbus-0.36.2/work/dbus-0.36.2/mono/Bus.cs:46)
DBus.Bus:GetBus (BusType busType)
in [0x00001]
(at /var/tmp/portage/dbus-0.36.2/work/dbus-0.36.2/mono/Bus.cs:23)
DBus.Bus:GetSessionBus ()
in <0x00022> Tomboy.TomboyCommandLine:Execute ()
in <0x00061> Tomboy.Tomboy:Main (System.String[] args)

When I try to open an email:

Open URI: action:_tile_125!Open
es menu class init

And ditto for 'reply to message...'

Open URI: action:_tile_125!Reply
es menu class init

What else should I look for?


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