xchat support


i wrote a simple patch [1] that implement a new irc log style
fot xchat.

i noticed that beagled will not index text file >5 Mb.

my patch check if the xchat log file is bigger then 4 Mb and if it is so
xchat will rename it in $something.log-$timestamp and then will create a
new $something.log.

people wonders why $something.log-$timestamp and not
$something-$timestamp.log..because it was more simple to append a
timestamp without check the filename.

at the moment i think xchat developer will not use it :(
probably you could (after a review of it) put it on the web page :)

1. http://www.autistici.org/giskard/file/beagle/xchat/

p.s this is my first try to write something useful in C, please take a
review of it :) 

ciao giskard

non ho peli sulla lingua. e se ce li ho... non sono miei.

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