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Nils - Just wondering if you have made any progress in writing a mail backend for Thunderbird.  I think Thunderbird has a growing userbase and adding it to beagle will be a tremendous help.
PS - I am not a developer but will be happy to lend a hand in testing, when you are ready.
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I user mozilla-thunderbird as my primary mailreader (I dont like the filtering in Evolution). I have played around with beagle (and browsed the Evolution indexer source). If I want to index my mail do I have to make a Thunderbird indexer or is it better to write a IMAP interface and index my mail directly on the server.
This question applies to LICQ also, I use LICQ and Gaim parallel. LICQ handles ICQ much better than Gaim. Do I have to write a indexer for LICQ aswell.
What is the diffrence between indexer and filters?
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