Re: Holmes already works!

Hi Charlie and the hackfesters,

Can  you specify on  the  Hackfest page  the software requirements  to
compile holmes ?

The "configure" does not seem to check all  the lib versions. In fact,
it doesn't compile on my system and I'd to check the dependencies..



Charlie Law writes:
 > Though I'm not a programmer, I was interested in the Beagle hackfest that went on last weekend. I just downloaded the Holmes source from CVS, and I was amazed to see that it already works. In fact, on my system, it's faster and stabler than Best or the Firefox plugin. It's also not bad aesthetically, even though they've only just started working on that aspect.
 > If you're interested in checking out Holmes, go to 
 > and follow the CVS instructions on that page.
 > Great job, you folks. We really appreciate it.
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