Re: searching for parts of words

the search algorithm is either biased for the english language or
something else is wrong:

looking up "gene" shows 

131 results and the following words in red since they were found:

gene, Gene, genes 

(genes as the plural of gene, !!)

however, looking up "gen" (the german word for "gene") shows

gen, Gen

but not gene/Gene, the german plural form of Gen.

We are, therefore, not concerned any more with exact word matching,
since this does obviously not take place otherwise  "genes" were not
found, but with an intelligent input of word derivatives. 

-- Who did this and were?
-- What infomation is used for Lucene indexing beside the mere text?
-- Is there any possibility to configure this input? 
-- Would it be helpful to make it configurable?

Are there any international lists of stop words that will not be indexed
which can be used with beagle?

How can I add stop words?

Thanks for Beagle! 


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