Re: searching for parts of words?

Am Montag, den 14.11.2005, 11:20 +0100 schrieb DANIELLLANO terra es:
> Bernhard Kleine wrote:
> > when searching for "retinoblastom" 4 results, for "retinoblastoma" 72
> > results, bug or feature??
> > 
> > I would propose, this is a bug!
> Google does just the same. Would you submit a bug report to google?
Actually I am not concerned with the Google data base but with my own 
and if i have to write a search word exactly as in the original text or
only the first significant letters will make a large difference:


(the last three the german counter parts of the first) 

would all match if "immunolog" would be true search word for any of the
six entries. For practical purposes I regard a search strategy as
insufficient when only exact word matching is allowed. Would it not be a
major improvement, even for Google, when all words that match a pattern
would be found?

Having been used to unix, i think that searching e.g. with regular
expressions can do both, exact word matching and all the words that

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