Re: beagled System.NullReferenceException

<br>&gt;<br>[cut]<br><br>&gt;Is this something to do with my configuration or a bug?<br>&gt;Thanks<br>&gt;Sean<br>&gt;<br>&gt;------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>&gt;<br>&gt;_______________________________________________<br>&gt;Dashboard-hackers mailing list<br>&gt;Dashboard-hackers gnome org<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>Sean,<br><br>As Beagle has so many dependencies, I'd work on keeping things as simple as possible. In particular, try to take all Beagle related files from the same repository family. In your case, I'd replace mono*novell rpms with mono from the nrpms repositories given that you're using nrpms for the other dependencies.<br><br>I've had very good luck using this approach given the issues involved. The biggest problem I am aware of with the current Fedora installation is an inability to start beagle without disabling the evolution backend (which disables contact indexing, not Evolution mail indexing). You can check out my experience installing Beagle on Fedora Core 4 .<br><br>Sean Carlos<br><br><br></font></BLOCKQUOTE>

thanks very much for your response. I followed your advice and now Beagle and Best seem to be working. I am using kernel 2.6.13-1.1532_FC4.

I confess that I had already read your webpage, but the real problem was that I am new to yum and didn't realize it was downloading the mono package from somewhere unexpected. In case there is someone else like myself who is new to yum, I did the following:
edited all of the /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo files (for some people, maybe /etc/yum.conf), setting
for ALL entries, except for the following, which were changed to enabled=1

Erased all of my existing, incompatible packages (from previous failed attempts!)
  ~> yum erase tomboy gecko-sharp dbus-sharp galago-sharp gsf-sharp \
gtk-sharp gmime-sharp gst-sharp beagle mono-base mono

3. Install beagle and others (this installed/updated 32 packages)
  ~> yum install beagle galago-sharp gtk-sharp2 gecko-sharp2

4. At this point, beagled still did not work, even though I was denying the evolution backend as recommended, via the command:
  ~> beagled  --deny-backend EvolutionDataServer
So I installed evolution-sharp:
  ~> yum install evolution-sharp
This installed/updated 52 packages!

After this it worked, more or less.  The end product is unbelievably good.

Thanks again,

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