Re: beagled System.NullReferenceException

sean dettrick wrote:

I've been trying to get beagle going for a couple of days now.
I ended up erasing everything and starting all over again, getting all of my RPM's from the same repo:
(see attached "install.txt" file for version details etc)

# yum --disablerepo=gtk-sharp-2.0 --enablerepo=nr-mono-devel --enablerepo=nr-testing install beagle libgalago # yum --disablerepo=gtk-sharp-2.0 --enablerepo=nr-mono-devel --enablerepo=nr-testing install gtk-sharp2 gecko-sharp2

Now if I run beagle as:
~> beagled --allow-backend files
Then there is an error in ~/.beagle/Log/current-Beagle:
(see attached current-Beagle for complete details)


Is this something to do with my configuration or a bug?


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As Beagle has so many dependencies, I'd work on keeping things as simple as possible. In particular, try to take all Beagle related files from the same repository family. In your case, I'd replace mono*novell rpms with mono from the nrpms repositories given that you're using nrpms for the other dependencies.

I've had very good luck using this approach given the issues involved. The biggest problem I am aware of with the current Fedora installation is an inability to start beagle without disabling the evolution backend (which disables contact indexing, not Evolution mail indexing). You can check out my experience installing Beagle on Fedora Core 4 .

Sean Carlos

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