Re: hanging IndexWebContent-processes

It seems that those never ending beagle-index-url processes don't delete the source files.

Ooh, really?  This would mean that execution never gets to the point in
which the files are deleted, which would (most likely) mean some sort of
deadlock within mono itself.

Well, I am sure. I have about 400 files in ~/.beagle/firefox -- but some of them a few days old. It is possible that those files are all the files of all never-ended-processes.

One thing you might want to try is to edit the beagle-index-url script
and remove the "--debug" option to mono, to see if that has an effect.

It does not have any effect.
But could it be possible, that this problem is caused when I open three, four, five or more urls at the same time or almost at the same time? Like opening a bookmark folder in all tabs at once, opening a few tabs at once by rightclicking or/and opening sites with frames/iframes?

If anyone having this problem is running an RPM distribution, try
installing mono rpms from here:

I am using debian sid with the mono 1.1.7 installed with the mono installer.
...and there are some libs of ubuntu installed.


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