Re: Beagle CVS and Evolution Address book


On Sun, 2005-05-22 at 22:30 +0200, MDK wrote:
> I had to:
> $> ln -s /opt/gnome/lib/ /usr/lib/

Just a general FYI: This isn't a safe change to make.  The major so
number (3 vs. 0 in this case) are different for a reason. :)  It
indicates that the library interface is incompatible.  So if you do this
there is no guarantee that things will work... there's a good chance
it'll crash.

> What is strange, is that:
> $>ln -s /opt/gnome/lib/ \
> 	/opt/gnome/lib/
> ..does not work. Since archlinux installs evolution (and all the gnome
> stuff) in /opt/gnome this should be right way to do that. Anyways, I
> suppose this is rather an evolution-sharp problem.

Is /opt/gnome/lib in your /etc/ or LD_LIBRARY_PATH?  Mono just
looks in those places for libraries like any other application.

But yeah, this looks like an evo-sharp issue.  It looks like the version
you're using doesn't handle the newer libebook interface.


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