Re: finding nothing...

On Tue, 2005-03-22 at 09:05 -0600, Shane Bishop wrote:
> DEBUG: DBus.DBusException: No reply within specified time
> in [0x0005d] (at /home/sbishop/dbus-0.23.2/mono/Message.cs:205) 
> DBus.Message:SendWithReplyAndBlock ()
> in <0x000cd> Beagle.Daemon.RemoteIndexerProxy.Proxy:NewRemoteIndexerPath 
> (string)
> in [0x00038] (at /home/beagle/beagled/IndexHelperFu.cs:183) 
> GetProxyClosure:ActuallySetProxy ()

It's quite probable that there is an exception being thrown on the other
side which is hanging the dbus listener and causing this error.  Can you
make sure that there are no other exceptions thrown in the logs for
either beagled or the IndexHelper prior to this one?


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