finding nothing...

Getting this error every time. (recompiled from cvs this morning)

DEBUG: DBus.DBusException: No reply within specified time
in [0x0005d] (at /home/sbishop/dbus-0.23.2/mono/Message.cs:205) DBus.Message:SendWithReplyAndBlock () in <0x000cd> Beagle.Daemon.RemoteIndexerProxy.Proxy:NewRemoteIndexerPath (string) in [0x00038] (at /home/beagle/beagled/IndexHelperFu.cs:183) GetProxyClosure:ActuallySetProxy ()

It's been doing this since at least yesterday, I just didn't have the time to get the output until now. When I search, it thinks for quite a while, and then gives me no results, even though I know it should. beagled continues to run after above error, but from the output, I don't think it's working correctly.

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