Re: Debian Install howto2

On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 11:01 +0100, matteo acerbi aliceposta it wrote:

> anyway, i saw your DebianInstall wiki page (I had never seen that
> before... you put it up last Tuesday, right?) and i'll tell the other
> guy who had had problems with this issue about that: he's building a
> beagle 0.0.7 + mono 1.1.4 repository and after some testing i'm sure he
> will want to share...
> i installed his packages but at the moment i haven't got much time to
> conduct a full test :-)

Sorry for answering late, if you want to try out beagle on debian you
can use this repository:

deb ./

I try to upload new cvs beagle packages regulary.
I think the mono 1.1.4 package should be patched, but i'm really just
And there may be other problems i guess ...

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