Re: Font size (Was: Giant memory leaks still there)

Dnia 27-02-2005, nie o godzinie 17:50 +0200, Thomas Paris napisał(a):

> > I figured if you do something like
> >    export LANG="C"
> > in the shell you run Best from, the font sizes go back to normal. Im not 
> > sure what is causing this but it would be nice if someone could track 
> > this down or explain what is happening.
> Just guessing here, but I've seen this kind of behaviour with GTK apps
> before. The reason was that a different configuration file (gtkrc) was
> used depending on the locale (or more exactly, depending on the encoding
> in use). And said file includes info on which font should be used.


Just noticed that same thing happens with BLAM. Looks like gecko-sharp
related. And there is more: when I look at the default font
configuration in mozilla/firefox, I see that settings for "Unicode" are
bigger than settings for "Western", "Central European", etc. 

Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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