Font size (Was: Giant memory leaks still there)

Hi there,

On Thu Feb 24 at 21:46 (+0100), Lukas wrote:
> Hi,
> I figured if you do something like
>    export LANG="C"
> in the shell you run Best from, the font sizes go back to normal. Im not 
> sure what is causing this but it would be nice if someone could track 
> this down or explain what is happening.

Just guessing here, but I've seen this kind of behaviour with GTK apps
before. The reason was that a different configuration file (gtkrc) was
used depending on the locale (or more exactly, depending on the encoding
in use). And said file includes info on which font should be used.

So, different enconding -> different default font in the gtkrc
different default font -> different size for the actual font used,
depending on which fonts are installed, esp. which UTF-8 encoded fonts
are installed.

Thomas Paris

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