Re: Basic questions on indexing of images

On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:22:25 -0600, Jon Trowbridge <trow novell com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 22:58 +0100, Kristian Berg wrote:
> > I'm adding a
> > F-SpotQueryable in beagled who (in theory) will open f-spot's photo
> > database using Mono.Data.SqliteClient and get all tags and all photos
> > with those tags. The idea is that you can search for "birthday 2005" and
> > all photos who have been tagged with birthday 2005 in f-spot will show
> > up.
> As an enthusiastic user of f-spot, I would love to see better
> beagle/f-spot integration.  I don't know if a separate FSpotQueryable is
> the right way to go.  Since f-spot stores photos on the file system,
> they will already get indexed by the FileSystemQueryable.  Thus the
> FileSystemQueryable seems like the reasonable point of integration.

This might be a really silly idea, but heh: what about using xattr for
f-spot data? As far as I understand it, xattr is designd to solve the
metadata problem. On a practical scale, of course, xattr is not always
available, performance, etc. But since the filesystem seems to be a
decent point of seperation... To retain the current f-spot code, maybe
only a reference into the f-spot DB would be necessary, and beagle
then indexes that when it's available. Update notification -- does
inotify respond to xattr changes? Or maybe just watch the fspot DB and

It's just a complete pie in the sky, and related to my wondering why
xattr isn't used more extensively in the 'nix world.


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