Re: searching chat logs

On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 11:56:53 -0600, Shane Bishop
<sbishop trinitybiblecollege edu> wrote:
>  Yes, both .gaim and .gaim/blist.xml exist. Everything I read told me that
> ubuntu (i'm running hoary) already has inotify enabled, but I'll double
> check that.
>  I guess I should also mention that I'm using cvs too, not just the .7
> release from the website. I upgraded dbus to .23.2, and I'm still getting
> the same errors.
>  Shane

the latest ubuntu kernels disable inotify by default because they were
having some problems w/ them.   you can either boot one of the
2.6.10-3 versioned kernels (as opposed to 2.6.10-4), or try booting
the kernel with "inotify" as an argument.  I've haven't tried the
"argument" way of doing it, but the 2.6.10-3 ubuntu kernel works fine.


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