Re: searching chat logs

Yes, both .gaim and .gaim/blist.xml exist. Everything I read told me that ubuntu (i'm running hoary) already has inotify enabled, but I'll double check that.
I guess I should also mention that I'm using cvs too, not just the .7 release from the website. I upgraded dbus to .23.2, and I'm still getting the same errors.

Joe Shaw wrote:
On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 18:19 -0600, Shane Bishop wrote:
Anytime I try to do anything with gaim logs, this happens.
Details: I've tried the following-searching chat logs, and running the 
command 'beagle-imlogviewer', and they both give me errors related to 
the file .gaim/blist.xml

Both .gaim and .gaim/blist.xml exist?  Do you have an inotify kernel?

I've checked permissions, so I don't think that would do it. Also of 
note, I'm pretty sure I'm using dbus 2.3.1, (ubuntu tells me the version 
is 2.3.1ubuntu5) but it kept saying I had 2.3, so I modified the version 
number manually so it would let me compile.

dbus 0.23.1.  You will probably run into problems down the line if
you're not actually running at least 0.23.1, but the API is compatible
so it'll build fine.



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