Re: sqlite hates me

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 20:30 +0100, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Shane Bishop wrote:
> > It's version 3.2. I got it to work, but I'm not sure if it was from 
> > recompiling some other stuff, or from making a symlink from  sqlite3.pc
> > to sqlite.pc
> That should work fine as long as you are using Mono 1.1.x.
> (1.0.x requires sqlite2, 1.1.x works with both 2 and 3)

The configure check in Beagle is only there because many distributions
improperly packaged mono, by having the mono-data-sqlite (or whatever)
not depend on sqlite itself.  So a fix to check for either sqlite.pc or
sqlite3.pc would probably be fine.


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