Web Bookmarks Queryables - patches


Here is the code to add support for bookmark indexing to beagle (I
talked about that some time ago). 

Source (against the latest CVS):

Obligatory Hendrix perm:

- Indexes Epiphany, Firefox and Mozilla bookmarks. 
- Indexes title, location in the folder structure (or "subjects" in case
of Epiphany), fav icon (for Firefox), last visited and description
- Uses webbookmark:firefox/ID style URI's. 
- Uses it's own tile in BEST (WebBookmark) with a distinct icon
- Consists of two queryables (EpiphanyQueryable and MozillaQueryable).
Mozilla queryable tries to index Firefox bookmarks first. If not found,
it looks for a Mozilla suite (I assume people who use Firefox don't use
Mozilla. Format of bookmarks file is same)
- Is 100% dynamic of course. But suffers from bug #306105
- Easily extendable to support some more browsers

I didn't implement the results grouping (with WebHistory) as we
discussed it here before. Frankly I don't have an idea how to do this
(sane). Perhaps we should have a simple API for "results groupers"? Or
maybe it should be handled by BEST/other results displaying apps?
Although if someone points me in the the right direction I'll happily do
the grouping. 

In some near future I plan adding the Opera bookmarks support (just to
have a complete picture) and Skype logs indexing/viewing (as someone
requested on the list)

Best regards,

Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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