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I don't know much about CIFS - but I presume like NFS, it may not support extended attributes. As mentioned in an earlier mail on this list, Beagle doesn't yet work on NFS or SMB mounted shares, and even if it did, performance would be slow, without support for extended attributes and inotify via NFS/SMB.  
So, you could try using a NetworkedBeagle setup, running Beagle on the fileserver and configuring Beagle on user client to search the Beagle running on the fileserver. I must warn you though that the current version of Beagle networking doesn't support any authentication or access-controls - so the contents in the folders you expose access to, via the Beagle running on the file-server, will be publicly accessible from any client on the network.

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Vijay KN wrote:
NetworkedBeagle operation is now working with the latest code from Beagle CVS. Users interested in setting up a Beagle network and testing networked Beagle search operation can refer to the updated information on BeagleWiki, at

I have several users accessing a couple of samba shares as well as their home dirs.  If I wanted to get Beagle to access the samba share should I use a networked Beagle running on the file server or is there a better way to do it (mount.cifs doesn't support extended attributes does it)?

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