Re: Beagle and Email


On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 15:43 +0100, Phill Gillespie wrote:
> I've been testing Beagle version 0.0.9 and 0.0.10 and it works pretty
> well for me (a lot more stable now!).  The only problem is I don't use
> Evolution as my email client, I use Thunderbird.  I've seen conflicting
> reports saying it works (with Gmime installed), some posts saying it
> doesn't index the data at all (that's what I'm experiencing), others
> saying it would work against an IMAP account (locally?) and a dated bug
> report saying indexed a TB mail folder hoses the daemon.
> Can somebody please give a categorical answer to this issue:  Is TB
> currently support?

No, it isn't.

There is some code there to start, but it needs to be pretty heavily
reworked before we can support it.  (There are other issues surrounding
email; there isn't a universal URI scheme for opening emails, so
Evolution is hardcoded right now, for example.)

> If it doesn't currently support TB at what vague point / release do we
> think it will?

Probably not until someone contributes code which does it.


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