Re: Maildir support status


On Saturday 30 July 2005 00:17, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, 2005-07-30 at 00:02 +0300, Aviram Jenik wrote:
> > A 'desktop-launch' script sounds like a good solution - is it already in
> > the CVS? If so, perhaps a wiki entry ("KDE users, add the following
> > script to your path") would solve the problem for future KDE users?
> We ship it in SUSE/NLD, and support for it is in Beagle.  

Looks like this should solve my problem.

The last 'showstopper' remaining for kmail (or maildir indexing) is maildir 
showing up well in best (I think it's

BTW, I have just index over 40,000 mails (by doing 'addroot' for every maildir 
directory - this is a temporary solution until Bera completes a Maildir 
crawler) and the indexing was performed surprisingly fast - and completely in 
the background. Quite impressive :-)

- Aviram

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