Why tcp sockets for dashbaord?

Hi Folks,
         I just this question in the abiword bugzilla about dashboard.

Any clues?




It appears that the dashboard uses tcp sockets and quite regularly.  With a
misconfigured firewall this can cause serious slow downs in Abiword as the
is filtered by the kernel.  Iptables rules which look like the following are
doing the damage:

iptables -P INPUT DROP

If the administrator or user does not remember to enable INPUT on the
interface after such a rule.  Therefore, enabling INPUT on the loopback
interface such as like:

iptables -A INPUT -i lo -p all -j ACCEPT

will resolve this issue.  As will removing the dashboard.

Here's the question though:  Why does the dashboard use TCP sockets
instead of
UNIX sockets?  Using UNIX sockets would resolve this issue even with a
firewall configuration.



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