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Rajiv Vyas <rajiv1 <at>> writes:

> I tried upgrading to Beagle's latest version from 0.8, which cam e
> bundled with SuSE 9.3. YaST said I need to get a newer version of Mono.
> So I tried installing Mono and ran into dependencies issue with Mono
> data, etc. So the question is: How do I upgrade Mono without the Red
> Carpet and not face the depency issue?
> Rajiv
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Hello Rajiv

first-of all check whether you have already installed the 
following packages.

gtk-sharp-1.0.10-0.suse93.novell.i586.rpm or newer
gtk-sharp-gapi-1.0.10-0.suse93.novell.i586.rpm or newer
libgdiplus-1.1.8-0.suse93.novell.i586.rpm or newer
mono-core- or newer
mono-data- or newer
mono-data-sqlite- or newer
mono-web- or newer.

if everything already installed,


there is a change in Mono that require creating a symlink named in /usr/lib that must point to that 
resides in the same directory,

if you want step-by-step instruction follow these procedure,

login to KDE,

click SUSE logo icon also known as start > Run Command
enter without quotes "kdesu konqueror"
enter root's password,
Konqueror should started up,
click home icon,
enter /usr/lib in location bar,
find and Drag to your desktop,
then a menu would appear, select link here,
don't close konqueror,
rename that newly created file as,
then drag that renamed file to konqueror window that showing the 
contents /usr/lib,
again a Menu would appear select Move here,

thats it

don't fed up after seeing this long instructions, instruction is long 
but the actual work is short, also if you know how to do this in a 
konsole then it would
be damm simple,

now try starting beagled again,


Raghu GS

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