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Hello Niel,

I'm forwarding this to the dashboard-hackers list. You can find more
information about Beagle at www.beagle-project.org.


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> D�m: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 13:17:17 -0400
> Hi Lukas,
> Just to tell you that I have builded a desktop search tool using java an 
> lucene and c++. On windows It's also possible to have the index updated 
> in real time using the 'ReadDirectoryChange' system call. I don't know 
> if both project shared the same goal but my project is open source so if 
> you need source or help or whatever you can go at this URL for more infio:
> www.ksknowledge.com
> Among other thing that makes myt project interesting is the 'grid 
> architecture' where every computer in a network is responsible to 
> returne result about itself. These result are filtered using ACL and 
> shared deployed on the computer. Naturally lots of this functionality is 
> done using c/c++ and win32 programming. I thing this could be code 
> addition to ytour project.
> -Neil

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