Multiple mail entries


I'm using cvs beagle (01.07) and it seems that it indexes some emails
more than once. I can't figure out any pattern. 

(beagle cvs, gmime 2.1.15, all other dependencies including mono 1.1.7
come from Ubuntu Backports).

Beagle-index-info shows 7299 mails indexed and all my mail folders
include 4916 emails. I have several vFolders, but I don't think it is
significant (only "Unmatched" contains 3363). 

The only suspect in debug output is:

DEBUG: mbox fclawyers offset is 0
WARN: Caught exception in DoTaskReal
Tag: /home/burlap/.evolution/mail/local/Listy.sbd/fclawyers
WARN:     Creator:
WARN: Description:
WARN:    Priority: Generator (0)
WARN: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an
instance of
an object
in <0x00000> <unknown method>
in (wrapper managed-to-native)
System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal:PtrToStringAnsi (intptr)
in <0x00026> GMime.InternetAddress:get_Addr ()
in <0x00281>
Beagle.Daemon.EvolutionMailDriver.EvolutionMailIndexableGeneratorMbox:GMimeMessageToIndexable (System.String uid, GMime.Message message, UInt32 flags, ICollection child_indexables)
in <0x00238>
Beagle.Daemon.EvolutionMailDriver.EvolutionMailIndexableGeneratorMbox:GetNextIndexable ()
in <0x0017a> Beagle.Daemon.LuceneQueryable+LuceneTask:DoTaskReal ()
in <0x000a0> Beagle.Util.Scheduler+Task:DoTask ()

But again: there seems not to be enough warns like this one to generate
3000 additional entries. 


More information (pretty random, mail indexing was working without any
problems on Ubuntu backports beagle, so I haven't really paid
any attention, I was testing liferea backend):

- When I first ran cvs beagled it showed some gmime errors (it is
under /usr/local/lib and beagle compiled fine). I had to move gmime libs
to /usr/lib (maybe I should reinstall ;-) ). 

- It purged all my mail index and started to accumulate more mails than

- Some files are "unindexed":
DEBUG: AbusiveRemoveHook: internal_uri=uid:yHV1bRdzpkKaf0DF9MFIQw
WARN: Caught exception in AbusiveRemoveHook 'uid:yHV1bRdzpkKaf0DF9MFIQw'
in <0x000d7>
(System.Uri internal_uri, System.Uri external_uri)

- And there is also something like this:
DEBUG: AbusiveUriFilteredHook:
external_uri=file:///home/burlap/dokumenty/praca/wlasnoscintelektualna/Besen_Raskind_law_economics_intellectual_property.htm internal_uri=uid:Dse8diqE8EukMHu3swnlSQ, name=Beagle.Filters.FilterHtml, version=0

I know this is a complete chaos, but maybe at least some things are
relevant. If you can suggest how to test this better, I will file a bug
at bugzilla...


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