Re: How do I tell beagled to exclude a directory?

As far as I know, nfs doesn't support Extended Attributes, as these
would be very hard to handle.


On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 18:34 +0200, Lior Kesos wrote:
>Hi - just installed beagle after checking out Nat's video - looks amazing.
>So I installed the whole suite on a SuSE-9.2 and validated my reiserfs
>supported the extended attributes used for the indexing.
>All of my filesystems are using user_xattr now except of my /home
>which is mounted on nfs.
>Is there a way to tell beagled not to index my home directory just to
>set it up initially?
>I checked the beagled shell script and found nothing...
>Maybe a Environment variable set there could be used?
>Does nfs supprt user_xattr?
>I browsed the wiki, googled and searched the mailing list - I wanna
>join the fun as well!
>best regards -

Ruben Vermeersch

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