Re: Beagle and nautilus

Hmm, the fact about beagle - it's a great product - but..

Beagle is the best opensource indexing service out there, the sad thing is that it's depends on gnome libs -
it whould been much more fun if it where freedesktop kinda thing :)

I think I know why Novell talked about choosing gnome as mainstream desktop - but changed their mind - beagle
is one of the flagship products and do fit with gnome!

But keep on coding, when there is a 1.0 rlz, time to make it better connected to other DE's.

Joe Shaw wrote:

I'm rather happy with the *querying speed* of Beagle. What

I'm not satisfied with is the *rendering speed* of Best.  Just using
Holmes, you can see that it's much, much better.


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