Re: Beagle and nautilus

It also might be worthwhile to note that the nautilus tool only
searches and returns results from the files index, while that normally
is the largest index, that probably can help with performance...

On 12/9/05, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> >  For people not reading Planet GNOME - Alexander Larsson continue work
> > to integrate eagle with Nautilus -
> >   Code is in GNOME CVS. It works - for me searching from Nautilus
> > returns hits faster than Best.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I have also observed that searching using the libbeagle-C bindings
> (and pybeagle also, I think) is faster than using C#-ui tools. Even
> otherwise, Best is a a super slow beast.
> Hopefully, Holmes will be included in the next release of Beagle.
> PS: One of the places where C#-search api might be slower that
> libbeagle is XML serialization. Creating an XML serializer is costly
> and serializing/deserialing is slow in C#. Apparently the tools  like
> genxs.exe and sgen.exe
>  are helpful in these scenarios. If anybody has experience using them
> or knows how useful are they, please let me know.
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