Re: Beagle and nautilus

>  For people not reading Planet GNOME - Alexander Larsson continue work
> to integrate eagle with Nautilus -
>   Code is in GNOME CVS. It works - for me searching from Nautilus
> returns hits faster than Best.

I have also observed that searching using the libbeagle-C bindings
(and pybeagle also, I think) is faster than using C#-ui tools. Even
otherwise, Best is a a super slow beast.
Hopefully, Holmes will be included in the next release of Beagle.

PS: One of the places where C#-search api might be slower that
libbeagle is XML serialization. Creating an XML serializer is costly
and serializing/deserialing is slow in C#. Apparently the tools  like
genxs.exe and sgen.exe
 are helpful in these scenarios. If anybody has experience using them
or knows how useful are they, please let me know.

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