Need help with Firefox 1.5 on other distributions


With the release of Firefox 1.5, we can hopefully finally close bug
158101 and install the Firefox beagle extension by default.

However, I need some help from you.  I need to know how various
distributions install Firefox.  I have it for SUSE, but I need it for
Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian, Gentoo, and any other distros you guys are
running out there.

I need to know the following information:

        * The distribution you are running, including version.
        * The exact package version of Firefox, if you're installing
        from packages.
        * From where you got the package or source, if it's from a
        * The full directory structure of the Firefox installation.  On
        RPM-based distros, rpm -ql will give me what I need.  For
        Debian-based distros, dpkg -L.  For other distros, you're on
        your own. ;)

Please add the information to this bug:

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