How do I make beagle index somefile.myowntype... ?

Filter writers of the world - Unite !

There is now a wrote a small(!) wiki article on how filters work (rather, how 
to write a filter), check it here:
Its only a few hours effort and suggestions/additions are welcome. I would 
recommend reading general beagle architecture
to get a better understanding of what filters are and where do they come in 
during the whole beagled process.
Inform the mailing list about any kool filter that you create. If its written 
in C#, chances are that it can be even included in beagle-repo (if its not in 
C#, it's still useful).

- d.

PS: And now if anybody writes a filter for postscript files 
_without_invoking_ghostscript_ (that route is too cpu intensive), I am sure 
that will help a lot of beaglers :)

Debajyoti Bera, BU-CS
@ 617-782-1324 (R)                 617-358-2354 (O)

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