Upcoming move to gtk-sharp 2

Hey gang,

We planning on moving to gtk-sharp 2 soon, now that it has entered beta
and the final stable release will be coming soon.  Unfortunately this is
going to mean dependency hell for a little while as we get the
supporting modules brought up to date (gtk-sharp 1 and 2 don't play well
together in the same app).

You will need to update:

        * gtk-sharp (duh)
        * gecko-sharp
        * gmime-sharp
        * evolution-sharp
        * gsf-sharp
gtk-sharp 2 is available from the mono site.  Get the 2.3.90 releases,
and not the 2.5.x releases (although the latter should also work).

gecko-sharp already has a gtk-sharp 2-based release out there that's
actively developed.  The latest version (AFAIK) is 0.10.  You can get
source and packages from the mono download page

gmime-sharp, evolution-sharp, and gsf-sharp all need to be ported to the
new code and re-released.  My plan is to land the changes necessary for
gmime-sharp and evolution-sharp today or tomorrow, and gsf-sharp shortly
thereafter and do releases of each.

Then, later in the week, we'll switch beagle over to requiring gtk-sharp
2 and the new versions of all of the modules.  Hopefully we'll have
packages out there for the SUSE 10.0 beta 2 release and in the SUSE 9.3
gnome supplemental repo.  And tseng, if you can get Ubuntu packages out
there, you would be my hero. ;)

Anyway, any questions, comments, etc.  Let em rip.


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