Re: images in web services


Recent versions of Firefox have tighter security on loading images from
file:/// urls, even if the web server is a local one. While images for
Tiles related to other resources have been fixed by rewriting them as
http:// url's , when the resource is an image, there is currently a
problem, as you have pointed out -  because the browser filters the
image url and blocks the display of the image. 

I am planning a fix for this, by copying the image to a temp folder
within the Beagle web server, and providing a http:// url to it. 

thanks for your feedback.

>>> Eric Lawman <elawman gmail com> 8/9/2005 5:34:10 AM >>>
I'm running beagle-cvs (08-08-2005), and just tried webservices today.
 The local search works fine, but none of the images are being
displayed.  I'm running beagled with the default options, and have
tried with both firefox and konqueror.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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