Re: beagled taking over 99% of processor


On 29/09/04 18:30, d. Taylor Singletary wrote:
However, beagled upon being run now takes up 99% of my processor power,
idle or in use. Is this common for everyone out there? Is it catching up
on cataloging its database? Should I run it while I'm not trying to do
anything and just let it do it's thing at night for instance?

beagled may be indexing stuff for the first time, or it may be re-indexing because of a crash etc.. If you have a lot of files in your home directory or a number of gaim logs it can take a while. Though once that's done it should idle without taking up too much CPU at all.

You can try running beagled with the --nofork option if you want to see detail on what it is currently doing.


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