Re: Live queries and dashboard

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 03:34 +0100, Christopher Orr wrote:
> With beagle now having "live query" support working nicely -- i.e.
> matches being added/removed from a result set in real time via
> `beagled` -- I've been wondering how this will fit in with the 
> development of dashboard?

The dashboard's engine will pretty much need to be rewritten to deal
with (almost) all the backend data coming from beagle and updating in

> So, considering beagle is pretty integral to dashboard, how should this 
> be handled?  Should the current backend architecture be altered to allow 
> for the updating of results like this... or something less drastic? :)

No, it'll need to be that drastic. :)  Or, at least I think that's
probably the most straightforward way to go.


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