Hi guys,
I've been watching beagle and best with interest, and thought now was
about the right time to ask about one of my personal "would rock to
have on a free desktop" wishlist items:
LaunchBar, which is an OS X app, available here: 
It combines search and app execution - you open the launch bar with a
key combo, type a few letters of the application, document etc you
want to open, and can then select from the list of matches, with your
most used match coming first, so:
Cmd+Space, go, enter 
would take me to Google, all without having to move hands away from
the keyboard.
I think Gnome/MDE has now pretty much reached the level of integration
needed to do this, and with beagle doing the search/index side we can
take this on nicely.
Has anyone thought about the infrastructure needed to acheive this?

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